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Wow. Been a while but things have been gettin’ busy in the land of Braddybb.


Heres a heap of articles to keep you satiated.


41 Super Depressing Animal Facts HERE

The Ultimate Diet To Hack Your Life HERE

58 Delicious Moustaches To Get You Ready For Movember HERE

10 Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Australian HERE



Funny couple of days. My road rage post didn’t get picked up (i thought) BUT I woke up this morning to find it being featured and now it’s on the front page. GO TEAM!




The latest post is on this supremely hilarious anti-drug PSA made by these Australian kids. See it HERE






Had this idea in the shower this morning. I love Breaking Bad and miss it so much, but I’m actually looking forward to this new Colombian version so I can watch it in a new light. See my comparison HERE

Thanks, Braddybb